At 5 years old, I told my mum I wanted to become a shoelace “untier”.

Graphic Design      Illustration
This project is a book cover awarded the 2nd place in the Adult Non-Fiction category by the Penguin Random House Student Design Award 2017. The book, considered as the first non-fiction novel, is about the murder of a family in the late fifties in Kansas and it ends up with the killers, Smith and Hickock, condemned to the gallows.

Focusing on the moment of the gallows, the concept for the book cover is based on the simple letter guessing game ‘Hangman’ where you are shown a series of blank spaces which then need to be filled in. If a wrong letter is picked - a mark is laid down on the page - eventually building up a set of gallows and a hung man - at which point the game is lost.

The concept underpins a number of themes within the book, including the ambiguous motivations of the murderers and Capote’s attempt to puzzle through these; as well as the building up of the trial towards a potentially lethal outcome.

In Cold Blood
Book cover