At 5 years old, I told my mum I wanted to become a shoelace “untier”.

Graphic Design      Illustration
This book states that any designer must be aware of their roots, environment and memories in order to have the capacity to evoke specific social, cultural or demographic structures in systems of communication.

I am from Andalusia -South Spain- is a region that has a unique identity that might be the result of occupations it has suffered – by the Phoenicians, the Tartessus, the Romans, and the Moors, to name just a few. In order to explore this visual dialect, this book is an exercise in memory, idealisation and collection.

I am interested in the meaning of the memories collected, which are often shaped by an image, a sound or a smell. For example, a packet of Maria biscuits evokes a strong sense of nostalgia for me – triggering memories of my childhood, such as tea at my grandmother´s house.

In terms of structure, this book maps my memories through the streets of my hometown Écija, in such a way that each street is expressed by a series of images.

Andalusia: Collection of memories
Editorial and illustration